Quality Over Quantity

Franklin VA

Quality Over Quantity

Think on This!: Proverbs 18:24
Greetings to you family with Jesus Joy,
When the trials of life come and cause you to be in a place if disarray and confusion, do you have someone to turn to? When all others fail you by reason of not being available when the pains of life come knocking at your door, is there someone in your corner who you can release all of your emotions to? I often used to believe because of the betrayal of those that were the closest to me that there was no such thing as a true, and authentic friend! But this text draws us in to never underestimate the actuality of knowing that there is such a thing as to having too many friends! This is so because the more you have, destruction is an option that awaits you! Never feel the need to have “too many” in your corner all at once! Entourages and cliques were never a part of God’s plan for the success, and forward movement for any of us while on this journey. Over the years, I’ve come to discover that friends can be just like money; the more you make, the more problems you will have! God has promised that there will be somebody in your midst who you can trust and to turn to! For he said that there’s a friend(singular)who will stick closer than even a brother! Never settle for depending on many who seem to flock amongst you, because when the sufferings of life seem to take precedent, none of them will be there to help rescue you from the pain, but will be standing by to see what becomes of the matter! Our prayer for you today is that, when seeking for that certain someone to call a “friend”, that you would look pass those who presents themselves as a benefit through quantity, and choose the lesser of the amount based upon their quality! So on behalf of my wife, Nichole and I, be blessed this week! We love you!

-Pastor C. M. Carter, Sr.

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