When You Pray

Franklin VA

When You Pray

Think on This!: Job 42: 1-10

Greetings to you family with Jesus Joy,

There’s no doubt, or question that we all at times seem to be in a holding place waiting on God to deliver unto us something that will bring order and peace back into our lives! It’s not a secret that trials will come, but it’s most important to understand that while you’re experiencing that trial, that you grasp the meaning, and the significance of that season in your life! Job had a critical debate with his friends that started to cause him to develop much misunderstanding as he suffered. The problem was that his friends misrepresented God to Job by presenting him


to be angry, and full of judgment when he actually was not! In this season, be careful who you allow to incline their ear to the issues of your heart! While many may serve you with influential purpose, the words that they attempt to speak over you may not be the solution that God desires!
Let alone, their conversation maybe camouflaging the true intent of God’s purpose for you in this season due to the fact of their advice being mixed with emotions, causing God to be misrepresented in your life! Because of their deferment of God’s character in Job’s life, God called them to the forefront, put their blessings on hold while he charged Job to pray for them! When he prayed, not only was the blessing released to them, but Job was released out of bondage, and given double for what he lost! Your blessing is wrapped up in your obedience to make mention of those in your prayers that meant you no good in your season of abandonment! It’s not what they did to you, but it’s what you’ll do for them that will get you access to what Heaven is trying to get to you! So on behalf of my wife, Nichole and I, be blessed this week! We love you!




-Pastor C. M. Carter, Sr.

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