He Found Me

Franklin VA

He Found Me

Think on This!: Luke 15: 4-7

Greetings to you family with Jesus Joy,

If we take a good look around, and examine the place that we’re in, it should totally amaze you! When you think about it, it should cause you to really begin to realize that something has brought you to this place of understanding that there’s no way that you made it all by yourself! As the sheep of his pasture, if we look at the path that were on, many times before we had become so lost to the point where we didn’t ever know if there was a way to get back to the place where we once were before! As much as we thought we knew the way, Jesus came time and time again showing up in our darkness just to prove that he is the way! When he should have left us, he fought his way to find us! When he could have kept going, he felt that the chain had been broken due to our ignorance within the err of our ways! Although, there were many he had to guide, and to lead, you ought to have an attitude of gratefulness, because you were the “one” that he still loved so much to the degree that he was not going to leave you in the state that you were in! You are whole because you have been found! You are securely aprrehended because you are now in a place where no one will never be able to pluck you out of, and that is, in God’s hands! You should stand amazed now, and forever because of his love, and how it has captured you! He kept us when we didn’t want to be kept, and he found us even when didn’t know we had lost our way! So on behalf of my wife, Nichole and I, be blessed this week! We love you!



-Pastor C. M. Carter, Sr.

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