The Hand of God

Franklin VA

The Hand of God

Think on This!: Matthew 25: 21

Greetings to you family with Jesus Joy,

As I came across this familiar scripture, having read it many times before, this time, the words seemed to be more alive to me than they ever have been! So as I started to examine the beginnings of my life compared to where I am now, a spontaneous gratefulness erupted from within that caused me to recognize, and to reverence the hand of God that has been on my life. Many times, many of us don’t want to remain faithful in


the early stages of our lives, because the place where God has planted us looks as though he’s not going to complete what he has started!

The key is to remain faithful when it makes no sense; when all others bail out; when financial and spiritual attacks seem to have their way with you; and when everything that you absolutely believe seems to take a turn to embrace a world of impossibilities! For these are the times where your faith should be operating in par-excellence! No one can receive the greater if they choose not to master being in their season of dysfunction! While this season may cause a great deal of pain, hurt, and setbacks, it’s necessary for the journey. God says, “be faithful over a few things, then I’ll make you a ruler over many. Then you can enter into the Joy of The Lord!” If you’re not happy where you are, don’t prepare an escape plan just yet, that’s an indication that you must stay put, because greater is at your fingertips! I used to wonder why in my humble beginnings why I had to suffer loss, rejection and ridicule; show up when no one else did; and even preach to just one person in the pew! Now as I see my life in the light, it all makes sense…I was faithful! Always remember, being faithful through your famine, will produce an abundant harvest because of your faithfulness in it! So on behalf of my wife, Nichole and I, be blessed this week! We love you!




-Pastor C. M. Carter, Sr.

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