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Think on This!: 2 Corinthians 5:18-21

Greetings to you with Jesus Joy,

Did you not know that the process of “reconciliation” is a ministry? To reconcile is to have the acting participation to conform two or more individuals to an agreement. This generally was conducted among an amicable truce between a friend, and a foe who were formally mutual in relationship. This is good, because the general dynamic of understanding this ministry is that it causes you to have to bring out the best from the worst situation! It’s our responsibility to see to it that every area in our lives that has a gap in love, inconsistency, uncertainty, and no fulfilment,  that we jointly fit them back together how God called us to do! Whenever ministry is calling, that means that there’s a need that must be met! God reconciled the world back to himself by using Christ as a portal to allow this mission to be accomplished! The prodigious magnitude of this theory is that even though Christ knew we would still sin, he proceeded with the reconciliation! The brutality, cruelty, and the inhumanity that he faced caused him to be the more inflexible with God’s plan to get us back to the place God desired for us to be! Through it all, he was determined to bring us back together! Don’t leave it undone, fix it quickly! If there’s a crack, or a crevice in any relational area in your life, you have the power to bring it back into unification! The beauty of being privy to this ministry is that, through the difficult task that it may be, you have the ultimate privilege of being able to also unite, and to reunite that someone back into the place of where the love of exists. You’ll even come to find out that this is the place where they once belonged! You’ve been given a pulpit! Use it to bring togetherness, and not separation! So on behalf of my wife, Nichole and I, be blessed this week! We love you!





-Pastor C. M. Carter, Sr.

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