Month: October 2017

Franklin VA

He Found Me

Think on This!: Luke 15: 4-7 Greetings to you family with Jesus Joy, If we take a good look around, and examine the place that we’re in, it should totally amaze you! When you think about it, it should cause you to really begin to realize that something has brought you to this place of…
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Trust + Rest = Success

Think on This!: 2 Samuel 22: 31-37 Greetings to you family with Jesus Joy,   In my¬†short time within walking the destined path that God has designed for my life, I have often heard from others how hard it has become for them since they’ve given their lives over to The Lord. I’ve seen and…
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Love Your Enemies

Think on This!: Psalms 110:1 Greetings to you family with Jesus Joy, As we all know, not only will we attract many that we can invite into friendship, but along the way, we will also attract some enemies! Many of us who have recognized our enemies have been taught in times past to treat them…
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Think on This!: 2 Corinthians 5:18-21 Greetings to you with Jesus Joy, Did you not know that the process of “reconciliation” is a ministry? To reconcile is to have the acting participation to conform two or more individuals to an agreement. This generally was conducted among an amicable truce between a friend, and a foe…
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The Hand of God

Think on This!: Matthew 25: 21 Greetings to you family with Jesus Joy, As I came across this familiar scripture, having read it many times before, this time, the words seemed to be more alive to me than they ever have been! So as I started to examine the beginnings of my life compared to…
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