He Did it Before, He’ll Do it Again!

Franklin VA

He Did it Before, He’ll Do it Again!

Think on This!: Ecclesiates 3:12-15

Greetings to you family with Jesus Joy,

There is absolutely a radical blessing for those who maintain and embrace the enjoyment of life while maneuvering through the obstacles it may bring. Why live this life that God has called us to have if we can’t truly experience genuine happiness? Fulfilment comes when God gives the increase from the work, effort, time, and the energy that you have planted, and put in! Since God is the one who brings all things into existence, whatever he says, is what it shall be! The caution of life says that we ought to be careful of every decision that we make, and the directions that we take. This maybe true in the respect of life and the areas of trouble that comes with it, but God says, not to worry because all what is happening and will occur has happened before. Even the things that will take place in the future have already taken place. The hidden treasure here is that, whatever the outcome is, God has the control, and the power over every situation that pertains to this life, and he has the final authority over all matters! Although nothing is new to him that is under the sun, that’s good news because he’s seen where you’ve come from, where you’ve been, and where you will come out! Remember that true happiness is experienced when you can rest assure that God’s got it, and if he did it before, he’ll do it again! Be blessed this week! I love you!



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