Godly Wisdom

Franklin VA

Godly Wisdom

James 3:13-18: The principle thing in this life that we should want to obtain is the gift of wisdom! By it, God gloriously uses the intellect and The Will of his nature to guide, and to plant the believer in a place of blessing that can’t be altered. When we are subject to God’s wisdom, there comes a volume of humility that is created within us when we pursue the things of God. When we choose to live our lives as honorable to God as we can, wisdom rewards our good works and deeds based upon the structured path of righteousness that comes from our obedience to his voice as he speaks! When you begin to practice this way of life, it is impossible to think and to reason with all ignorances and follies because the objective within your primary focus is being driven by a force of infinite insight that only comes from above! When you totally have the wisdom of God working in every decision that you make, you’ll never find an area within your life being occupied by confusion, or self ambition. These things cause just about every area in your life to be filled with much disorder and negative influences. When you continue to use the God given wisdom that you have been blessed with, you’ll find that the life that you live will be filled with peace, love, and the divine tranquility for all others in every situation. True wisdom from God seeks justice for all, and makes sure that all intentions that come forth are pure and from that place where God abides! Be blessed this week! I love you! #letwisdomspeak

-Pastor C. M. Carter, Sr.

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