The Principle of Receiving

Franklin VA

The Principle of Receiving

Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. 

2 Corinthians 9:7-1

As we all know, the grand principle of receiving is to give. Many tend to think that giving is just a privilege to be able to receive something because we have decided to give out of the abundance of our treasure. But in all actuality, there is a secret to the success of being able to obtain a secure blessing from God. The key factor is this; to give cheerfully, without gripe or complaint. The goal that we all should desire to reach is to have the willingness within our hearts what to give back unto God so we can experience the blessings that he can give for the necessities of our lives. When we begin to comprehend the common principle of giving freely from the heart, God will then see to it that all of our needs will be greatly met. God will provide this type of increase so we can understand that after we have all that we need with the overflow that remains, it is to be distributed and shared with those who we know that are in need! Whenever God blesses his people, there’s always a remnant from the increase left over for it to be spread out amongst those who cross our paths in their time of need. Always remember and never forget that God always supplies us with the seed to reap a bountiful harvest, and as we share the blessing, he will continue to pour out the increase and our resources will be enlarged, so much so, that it will cause those who we bless to thank God the more for what they have received. It is a powerful thing to know that we have been given the ability to be a blessing to others. Through our service towards them, it unlocks and releases a great thankfulness that can only come from within them. When you have the right heart and give with good intentions, it allows all others to see the presence of God within you, and in turn, bless the God who is the giver of all things pertaining to life!

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