The Power of Perception

Franklin VA

The Power of Perception

Acts 14:8-10

Greetings to you family with Jesus Joy, one of the greatest gifts that we have as being used by God is the privilege to be able to see things in others that they can’t see in themselves. You don’t always have to be in the office of a prophet or have a high definition of discernment to have this gift. This is so because in the text, Paul realizes that this man had faith and began to do ministry because of what he had perceived. How many of us have had the opportunity to feel the faith of our brother or sister and we did nothing according to the connection that we felt? We can’t forget that our faith gives us the distinct honor of knowing that it has a grip on life to expect the things that it hopes for. So when we have the opportunity to touch and agree with those with the faith that we can see, it gives light to know that whatever they stand in need of, we can connect with them to witness the manifestation. This man heard the message that Paul preached and because of that message, his faith increased to the point where it was noticeable enough for Paul to speak to his situation. This is imperative to our personal ministries because we don’t know when someone is listening to the words that we speak, and those same words could be the healing remedy that speaks to someone’s circumstance. This serves as a notice to remember that we should always speak words of comfort, power, and healing because when these words are heard by those in need, even when we are unaware of their presence, they bring about healing to that individual because faith comes by hearing, and hearing by The Word of God! Be blessed this week! I love you!

– Pastor C.M. Carter

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