The Rescue

Franklin VA

The Rescue

Greetings to you family,

Acts 12:1-9

helping-handAs God’s people and his chosen servants, we must always realize that we are constantly on assignment for him to accomplish a purpose that he has set out for us. Along the way, God will allow us to connect with other servants who will become partners with us to carry out this mission. When carrying out this mission, the path that has been laid out for you may seem to be risky and dangerous, but that is somtimes the only way to travel in order to fulfill the requirements of your journey. While you’re making way to succeed and to move forward, threats of infliction will surround your life, so much so, that it will actually seem as though you have a direct death wish over your life. Just because you’re called for the sake of The Kingdom you will be cornered, captured, and held hostage because of your profession to go where God has called you to go. Don’t be weary, but when that time does emerge in your life, don’t fight it, or even struggle why you’re in that place at this moment. God will make it so that the place that the enemy had designed to be your death bed and living hell cell, God will allow that same place to become your hiding place until he comes to your rescue. Every place that you encounter in life that seems to be a place of struggle, stress, and strain, is not always there to overtake you, but there to be a place that you give God the opportunity to do what he does best, and that is, to show up! So the next time you start to feel overwhelmed, engulfed, and inundated in a rough era in life, God says to do just as Peter in this text, get some rest and be assured that what’s holding you down now is going to have to let you go in just a little while. Don’t worry because when it’s time to move, God knows just how to send help and provision because he knows exactly where you are! Be blessed this week! I love you!

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