Alignment With God

Franklin VA

Alignment With God

Think on This!:

Matthew 6:19-21
Good morning family,
As God’s children and his chosen people, we understand that we have many advantages and benefits because of who we serve. When knowing who we serve, we must still be careful with aligning our desires up with him and what he wants from us as we serve. This equates to understanding our puropse in him, and when we do grasp this phase in our lives, we will begin to consider what our priorities should be and how they should be┬áput into perspective. Many of us make and base our decision making off of things that we have no bearing of, producing carnal results. When we allow the faculty of our conciouseness to open up to the things that don’t possess any heavenly gain, we set ourselves up for failure because what we based our psychological meaning on didn’t have any return on it, resulting in temporary success causing eternal damage to the mind, body, soul, and spirit. Whenever someone or anything can tamper with what your investment is, it will bring back a negative return. Our priorities should always be put into motion having an eternal plan that will create an untouchable and flawless theory that will even move the very mind of God! When you begin to put what’s important in place that will produce an eternal profit, you allow your thinking to shift from carnal concentrations to Kingdom Building principles. It’s easy to see who’s focused on Kingdom because when they are building on it, they give it everything that they got. Check your motives and what you value at this point in your life. Are you getting worldly or eternal results? Does your desires line up with the heart of God? Take an inventory of yourself and you’ll see whether your investment is profiting either you, or The Kingdom! Be blessed this week! I love you!
Pastor C. M. Carter, Sr.

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